Birthing Game Day Successes From Across the World

“I just wanted to reach out and say Thank you! If it wasn’t for people like you mom’s like me would have no support. Your energy and words of encouragement were just what I needed towards this last stretch of pregnancy. My husband and I have gone through lots of challenges with family and our choice of home birth. The words that have been replaying in my head since our class together are ‘You can do this! I believe in you 100%!’ That was the first time someone has told me that and it was just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see our little man arrive even more now!”
“Dear Krisha, Thank you for all your reels and stories you share! I find them helpful and trained with them for the last weeks of pregnancy! My first delivery was tough and took 24 hours. The cervix was not even opening in the first 12 hours in pain. This time I kept moving and drinking water. This time it didn’t even take 2 hours from entering the hospital to baby’s arrival 🥳🥳🥳 it was tough but fast! Never believed I could have such a speedy delivery! Keep Sharing and inspiring ❤️❤️❤️“
“Hi Krisha, I would like to say thank you for all your videos you do and all the time you spend helping us mama’s. I am a first time mama and your videos helped me so much through my labor process with my baby girl. I was so nervous and anxious to have my baby girl but watching your videos helped me through the process and not to worry. I did the exercises and studied all your videos to know what I needed to do “on my game day.” I was induced at 39+4 weeks because I had gotten gestational diabetes but my labor process went great. I was induced at 7am that Friday morning and had my baby girl at 4am Saturday. I stayed on my ball as long as I could, I kept moving and just saying in my head I can do this, you can finish this marathon of labor. It kept me positive and calm through the whole thing. My baby girl weighed 7lb 12ozs at 19 inches long and her name is Zoey. We just want to thank you again. It was almost like you were right there with me and my nurses coaching me along.”
🎀 Kaitlin
North Carolina
“I just wanted to thank you for all of the education you provide to all of us. I know that my pregnancy/birth/postpartum are all better off for the knowledge and advice you share! Before finding you, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. At a few points during labor, I could see you demonstrating how to create pelvic space & it acted as a reminder for me to move the right way to get baby where he needed to be. I birthed my beautiful 8lb 13oz boy on his due date, after 46 hours of labor and I came out empowered by the whole experience. Thank you so much!”
“Hi! I’d just like you to know that I’m so grateful for you posting your videos. I’m from Wales, UK, five days ago I had my first baby and I can honestly say I’d have never mentally been able to get through it if I hadn’t watched every video you’ve ever posted. Because of you, I had a four hour waterbirth and your words and positive position recommendations made the experience the best it possibly could have. I want to thank you so much for all you’ve done for women out there. I’ve learn’t so much and you put all my questions and worries at ease. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You are incredible.”
❤ Love from Madison and baby Oswyn X
United Kingdom
“Dear Krisha, I had previously sent a comment on one of your videos expressing how much hope they were giving me. As I mentioned, I’ve had 2 c-sections and now for my 3rd pregnancy I was so determined to try VBAC. Sadly my prenatal care doctor gave me a straight no, and even lied to me by saying he “didn’t know any hospital in CA that will support VBACs.” At 36 weeks I left that doctor and headed to a new place. The hospital accepted me right away and were so supportive of my decision to try vaginal. Long story short I delivered my baby yesterday at 1:23 PM vaginally. I want to thank you because of your exercise videos, your reels and encouragement, I was able to make it with confidence. I exercised throughout my pregnancy, as I was pushing I remembered to bring my knees inward and I just felt so sure of what I was doing. So God bless you, and thank you for the encouragement you give us ladies through your videos.”
💙 Medina
“Hi there. I wanna just thank you for all you do. I followed you during my pregnancy and your content 100% helped me prepare for labor and delivery. From questions to discuss with my provider, I felt informed and empowered. I made it an effort to stay in shape and stay hydrated – this made a WORLD of a difference. During labor I ate early on, hydrated and MOVED as much as I could and it reduced the pain (and gave me something to focus on) and made the overall labor go MUCH MUCH FASTER! I was 2cm when I got to the hospital and 6 hours later she was born – wow wow for my first born that’s so fast. I’ve been sending ur page to anyone I know that’s pregnant with raving reviews. Thank you so much for what u do!!!”
🎀 Malia
“Hi Krisha! Our sweet baby girl was born in our home just a few weeks ago on August 23! This was our third child and our fastest labor! My previous labors lasted 13 hours, but this one shocked us at only 4 and a half hours! We had taken your Train 4 Birth workshop and I made sure to daily do the exercises as suggested by you! I was diligent in making sure to get baby in optimal position through sitting upright, mainly on my birth ball, and I avoided reclining at all costs! With the collaboration of my amazing and supportive birth team, using the tools from Train 4 Birth, good chiropractic care and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, I was able to cross that labor finish line and hold our sweet baby girl in my arms!”
💞 Salena
“First off, I wanna say that I am so thankful that I found your videos and lives while I was still pregnant! I can’t even begin to tell you how much they helped me during pregnancy, during labor, and post-partum, they were a lifesaver! I began watching your videos around 22 weeks pregnant and learned so much! It was rough at first because my family said “you don’t need to watch that stuff or do research”, and “you’re doing too much” but I stuck with it and I’m so glad I did! I was induced at 1:01am on July 26th, 2021 at 41.5 weeks pregnant. My contractions were constant and painful, and I felt like there was no way I could do it without pain medicine because the nurse didn’t want me getting out of bed (there were no medical complications or reasons I needed to stay in bed). I kept thinking about the various positions I had seen in your videos and that I had the right to birth how I wanted, so I began listening to my body and moving how I wanted, and my labor improved dramatically! At 8:46am I had my beautiful 7lb, 12oz baby girl without pain medication, and without any unnecessary medical intervention. It was an amazing experience, and I felt like a total bada** for birthing the way I wanted to. I even thought ‘that wasn’t so bad’ (crazy, right?).
Brittany Wright
“Krisha!!! I gave birth Monday at 7:55am at home, naturally, after being in labor for 27 hours. Your videos and trainings are amazing and really helped me get through!!! Staying hydrated was my favorite part! Lol I kept hearing you say “drink water”!! Movement really got me through and got baby down. I had him in a birthing pool which was serene!! Thank you so much for the information you give us!!! Everyone deserves an amazing natural birth!!”
💙 Liz
“Hi there! Birth story! Sweet Amelia decided that she was going to come early. My water broke at 36+2 but no contractions were coming. My midwife came to my house after 12 hours to start me on some antibiotics since we didn’t test yet for group B. We tried so many different things to get contractions going and I was able to slightly. Ultimately we had to transfer to the hospital at 32 hours because I had started to run a fever and baby’s heart rate was elevating. Due to your teaching and training I was able to advocate for myself and still attempt to labor naturally for four days in the hospital!! We did end up with a c section (babies position caused failure to progress) but I still felt empowered by our birth because I had the knowledge to advocate for myself and know that we truly have it our all before taking the c section route. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with so many mothers! It truly makes a difference even when things don’t go according to our plans!”
💝 Shelby
“Hey, I’m Bedoor and I’m from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 I followed you since my 30 weeks pregnant. Your videos helped me a lot during my pregnancy journey and my delivery. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. No epidural! No Tearing all naturally!😍😭 May God protect you 🙏🏻💙 U must be so much proud of yourself and so do i cause u help women from all across the world 🥺❤️ Thank youuuu for posting all those videos that helped me a lot. This is my Baby boy “Sultan“. He was born on 14th August by natural birth 😌💪🏻. Sending you love and prayers 🙏🏻🥰”
💙 Bedoor
Saudi Arabia
“Hello! I want to thank you for creating this social media account and helping women feel empowered to give birth! I came across your account when I was about 36 weeks pregnant and spent many nights scrolling through your videos mentally preparing myself for birth. Because of your videos I was able to labor comfortably through contractions and help my daughter get in a prime position for birth. My midwife and nurse said they’ve never seen anything like it! I was in active labor for about 4 hours, I pushed for 48 minutes before she made her debut.😊 Thank you again for providing this resource! You’re a game changer!”
💝 Sarah
“Hello love, my names Natalia and I live in Sydney. I found your reels and videos half way through my second pregnancy, and I want to thank you for sharing all your knowledge and tips. They played a huge part in getting that natural birth experience that I wanted. My 1st pregnancy I had my son via c section due to “fetal distress ” and we had gotten to 8cm. With my 2nd pregnancy I was very much determined to have a VBAC. And WE DID!! without epidural and a bit of gas. Early labor started at 4am and contractions lasted all day. I spent the whole day prepping mentally, stayed hydrated, rested and ate as normal. By 10pm contractions reached that 511 stage so we made our way to the hospital. 12.09am he arrived healthy❤Born 12th August Weighing 3308g
💙 Natalia
“Hello, my name is Dominique. I’m 25 & I’m from Hartford, CT. I’ve been following you since April which was when I was in my second trimester. I came across your page one day on my explore page and I’m so happy that I decided to follow you through my journey. I never got a chance to sign up for your classes however your videos played a great deal throughout my pregnancy. I watched and read just about everything on your page because I really wanted to give birth to my baby girl naturally. With all your knowledge and information I was able to achieve that goal on August 8th. My due date was August 21st. At 12:00am on August 8th I was sleeping and woke up to my water breaking. I was in labor for 13hrs and pushing for the rest until 2:34pm. The only medicine I said yes to was to pitocin because I was fully dilated, my contractions became spread out and she was still too high up which my doctors then said I would be pushing for hours. It wasn’t an easy process going through laboring but I remembered your breathing techniques and needing to keep moving. I changed positions many times and kept letting my body give into each contraction. I mostly remember the nurses saying how strong I am to be going natural because not many women stick through it and that also motivated me to stick to my decision on natural birth. I thank you, the nurses and doctors because without all the information and support I most likely wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal. It saddens me that many women aren’t able to have the kind of experience similar to mine. However, I know I will be passing on my knowledge I received and recommending you to others. I strongly believe you played a big part in my 6lb15oz baby girl coming into this world healthy and vaginally. Thank you for doing what you do because women need more doulas like you in their lives.”
💖 Dominique
“Just wanted to thank you for posting so many laboring videos. It helped me understand birth a lot more this second time around 🥰 I was able to have a peaceful all natural birth and it went so fast since I used a lot of your laboring tips🥰 I literally did all the ball bouncing and I pushed this time with a peanut between my legs and OMG so much better. I only tore a tiny bit compared to last time I pushed on my back and had a 4th degree tear and I was barely able to walk 4 days after. This birth I was up and walking instantly. Also, I had problems with my water breaking last time too so they had to break it. This time I used your tip on putting one leg up on the bed and INSTANTLY my water broke and everything happened! He was born 8lb 1oz. No IV in my hand and even had all my nurses listen to my birth plan. Only had my midwife, one nurse, my hubby and mom in my room, it was amazing 🥰”

💙 Taylor

“I just want to thank you for all your tips and classes. My baby boy was born today naturally without any medication at 37 weeks and 4 days. Every question I have made to my doctor was because of your classes and thanks to that I had the best communication through my labor. Every move I have made while pushing my baby out was thinking in all your videos explaining how to do it. And by the way it was my first pregnancy but I handled it like a champ! I’m super thankful that I found your page. I just want to say thank you ❤️ Hope the best for you and your family. Sending a lot of love from Puerto Rico!!”
❤️ Marinez
Puerto Rico
“This is the post I played over and over in my head while I was laboring…When I felt myself tensing, my doula would tell me RELAX and I would imagine your face and try to emulate this look 😂 I was 4cm dilated for 3 weeks before my water broke at 4:45am on 40+4. Went to the hospital because GBS+, even though no contractions. Hung out for 9 hours waiting for contractions to start before deciding to start pitocin to bring on the contractions. 4 hours later contractions started with a furry. Labored naturally for 1.5 hours. Pushed for 1.5 hours on hands and knees — pretty sure the delivery team has never seen someone do that! She arrived beautifully at 10:05pm! Thank you for all your tips and tricks to prepare well and labor well!!!”
💙 Leah
“Hi there! My name is Brianna and I have been following you since I got pregnant with my second child. First birth was a C section and I was determined to have VBAC. With all your guidance and videos on ways to help be successful it happened for me. Last night I was able to have a VBAC to my baby boy. Thank you for all you do!”
💙 Brianna
“Hey Krisha! Just wanted to say thank you for your videos! My husband and I knew we wanted a natural birth from the start, so we read Ina May, Hynobirthing, and the Bradley Method to prep. At the start of my third trimester we split (he took a job working in Alaska and I moved home to Arizona so I had family support while he’s gone). That’s about the time I started following you, so I’d show him your videos when he came home. I hadn’t considered placenta encapsulation before, but when I showed him the video that you advocate for it to help keep hormones level postpartum, he flat out said it was something we needed to do since he wouldn’t be here. Sure enough, little Clayton showed up a week early, just after dad got back up to Alaska, so he missed the birth by 7 hours and only got to be in town for about ten days. I swear the capsules have made the postpartum transition so much easier than it could have potentially been! Born 7/4 at 11:50pm after 8 hours of easy first stage and 1.5 hours of second stage. 7lbs 0oz, 20 inches.”
💙 Maggie
“Hey, I’m Sania and I’m from India. I followed you when I was in last days of my pregnancy your videos helped me a lot with my delivery and Allahumdulillah (Arabic word meaning Thank God) I was successful in giving birth to my baby boy naturally☺️ thankyouuuu so much for posting all those videos helped a lot. This is my Baby Boy Ashar he was born on 6th July by Natural Birth😇”
💙 Sania
“Hi there I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing reels and lives you were in my head throughout my labor! On Monday I had my “big baby boy” 9.6 lb unmedicated at the hospital! Labor at home from 3am to 7am! I hopped in the tub remembering you said it’s the natural epidural and it was for sure! We left to the hospital at 7am when we arrived I was already dilated to 8 😳 and still asked for a birth ball at my arrival by 9:06am baby boy was born all natural no medication! What I heard in my head was: To move in each contraction even if I did not want to. And the most helpful one was to surrender to the contractions, not to fight them! I’m always recommending your IG. I think you are amazing!”
Laura H.
“Hi Krisha! Last month I was able to watch your Wednesday night classes and they were so helpful as we prepared to welcome our third baby. Having an unmedicated home birth was my dream after my two previous experiences; #1 being an induction with epidural & episiotomy, #2 being an attempted home birth where I had to transfer to hospital for lack of progression (and ended up with an epidural again due to fatigue), and both being posterior deliveries. 7 years later, I was determined this time to be as prepared as I could, including keeping my body in positions during pregnancy that would favour a posterior baby turning. I went into labour at 41+1, and laboured standing, squatting, or leaning over my bed, recalling a few videos you had posted. The whole experience was extremely intense, but I didn’t fear the pain as I did in the past, I knew it was my body doing it’s job to bring my baby into the world. It was so encouraging to feel the baby move down and engage during transition. I pushed for 1.5 hours, much of the time on my side, and during that time, the baby rotated from posterior to anterior. She finally arrived and weighed in at 11 lbs 10 oz (even though I had no indications for such a large baby!) I only had a small superficial tear and no stitches needed. My midwives and my husband were so calm and believed in me the whole time that I could do this, even when I doubted myself. So grateful for your work to educate and prepare women for birth. I took notes during your classes and went into this labour with a strong mindset. Thank you for providing these classes!”
“Hi there! I just felt I had to tell you my birth story since your voice was playing in my mind throughout my labour😊 I was induced due to high blood pressure. I dilated to a 6 without an epidural. I then had an epidural placed and after 4 hours…being in bed on monitors 🙄… I was still at a 6 (no surprise). The OB came in after the 4 hours and told me I needed to prepare for a c-section. I pleaded for her to give me at least an hour. She told me that she felt I was just prolonging the inevitable, but agreed to give me 1 hour. I immediately got out of bed and started exercising on the ball as well as doing squats to engage baby into my pelvis. My epidural had wore off and I knew I had progressed. I asked the nurse to call the OB back in. The OB was not convinced so she really took her time arriving. Within that time the charge nurse on the unit checked my cervix and confirmed I was at a 10 and told me I could push if I felt I needed to! This was such a relief😅 I tried 2 different pushing positions. After 26 hours of labour… baby boy Tate was born vaginally. I am beyond thankful😊 Your Instagram reels and lives were my lifesaver🥰🥰”
“Hey! I just wanted to say THANK YOU because thanks to you I gave birth to my baby at home. I had no choice but to have a hospital birth instead of a home birth so I decided to stay at home and labor as much as possible because my providers were supportive when I asked the questions that you give out and in the end I deliver in the car on my way to the hospital and I did all the exercises and techniques, positions that you out out on IG. I learned everything from you! You inspire me to become a doula one day.”
North Carolina
“Hello there, My name is Charlotte and I am from South Africa.I am a first time mom and I just wanted to thank you for your Instagram content. With your help I was able to get through my 1st pregnancy and birth. On the 14th of August 2021, when those contractions started to become intense, all I thought of was you saying,… ” relax your shoulders, breath and welcome every contraction, if you don’t do that the more painful they will be “. So I tried to do as you had advised and it really helped me A LOT! 😅. So thank you 🙏 for your help and my God continue to bless you for all the beautiful work you do 💐.
South Africa
“Hi there from Wales in the UK. I just wanted to thank you, I found your account quite late into my pregnancy and wish I’d found you sooner! Your ball exercises and pelvis exercises helped me through labour and pain. After doing the exercises you shared, my waters broke and by the time I was at the hospital 1/2 hour later I was already 7cm dilated! I had a natural birth and followed everything you had shared and 4 hours later my gorgeous girl was born!
I’ve shared your account with all my pregnant friends. Thank you for sharing and I’ll be following you for baby number 2 from the start!”
United Kingdom
“Hi Krisha, Our son Maverick was born on Wednesday night at 11:35 p.m. I used several of your exercises during labor. I’m so happy I found your profile on Instagram and had a session with you the weeks leading up to his birth. It was one of the hardest and scariest things I’ve ever done (lol) But everything worked out smoothly at the end. Thanks so much for the work you do.”
“Please, let me tell you all how awesome this course is. My wife just gave labor to our beautiful child 3 months ago. First we just listened in on her Wednesday night classes. Each Wednesday she would do a different class. And on the fifth Wednesday was birth with partners that’s me… I’m the partner…As my wife and I learned much in the Wednesday classes we understood that we could definitely benefit from the training for birth group class…That’s exactly what we did. We TRAINED for birth. As the birth partner I’ve taken many birth classes with my wife. (I had a goal of being the best birth partner ever) Ask Damini Bullock she will tell you I passed. You can hear about it on my YouTube channel “Hey Black Dad” Back to the story. In the virtual class she shows you what you can do to prepare your body for labor. She tells you the signs to look for when you’re in early stages of labor and even what you’ll notice when you’re in active labor. As the husband I knew how to provide comfort measures and what comforting positions I should recommend. (I did better than our doula) Long story short, this class is worth every penny!”
Peter Bullock
New Jersey
“Hi Krisha! My husband and I took your Train for Birth online group class and we are so glad we did! Not only did we know when to go to the hospital, I was able to visualize what was happening inside and was able to let my uterus do its job. I felt confident. Even my husband knew when to take me to the hospital.. when we saw the bloody show. Needless to say, entire labor was 3 hours total!!! My mind is blown. I imagined it going different ways but never did I expect it would be that fast and I didn’t tear. I planned on epidural birth at the hospital but by the time I got there I was ready to push. No meds no IV’s…I couldn’t believe I did it all natural. I owe it to your class that I was prepared mentally and physically for it. Couldn’t have turned out better! Thank you thank you so much!!!! We have a healthy baby boy.”
Forever grateful,
Orange & Moshe Swearingen
“Hi, Udita here from India! Gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy yesterday morning 5am. Was in active labor since 11pm and all I did was remember you and your lovely training videos. Being on the yoga ball helped a lot and remembered your tips on how to surrender to contractions. 11pm to 2am – dilated to 7cm only. Again remembered your videos on how to engage baby further more. My birth partner was my sister and hip squeeze were magical. Dilated to 10cm around 4:30am. 1st push baby was out. 2nd push the placenta was out. Want to give you a million thanks for the true training you provide to all the mamas around the world. May god bless you. Thank you so so much😘”
“Krisha, I wanted to update you on my birth experience. I delivered naturally July 27 at 40 weeks and 3 days. I must have slept through the beginning stages of labor because I woke up at 2:45am and delivered at 5:47am! I made the effort to not fight my body doing what it knows to do and I welcomed every contraction. My labor was fast and furious. I kept repeating, “you can do anything for one minute”. I arrived at the birthing center 10cm dilated and ready with the urge to push. My sweet baby was delivered 45 minutes later. Thank you for your awesome class and all of the educational videos you post on Facebook. I’m a third time Mom and didn’t realize I had so much to learn about the whole birthing process. Natural childbirth was so empowering and the coolest thing I’ve ever done! You played such a big part in preparing me for game day!”
“Hi Krisha, Florence Rain Kessler was born a little over a week ago on July 25th. My OB pushed for me to get induced right at 41 weeks however I advocated for myself and pushed the induction date out to when I felt most comfortable. I was induced at 6am in the morning, labored till noon and pushed for less than ten minutes all without any pain medication. For pain management my husband used hip squeezes for counter pressure while I focused on my breath and movement through each contraction. From enrolling in your course I felt physically strong and mentally prepared for our game day. Myself and Florence are recovering well and figuring out our breastfeeding journey. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and encouragement.”
All our best,
Ellen, James, Ruby and Florence
“Hi Krisha! Thank you so much for virtually training my husband and I for birth. I was able to have a natural home water birth, and my husband helped me through it all. We even watched some of your reels between contractions. Our baby girl was born alert and peaceful after 14 hrs of labor.”
Thank you♡
Jessika, Vincent, and baby girl Natalie
“Hi Krisha!! Just wanted to let you know that our baby was born early Tuesday morning. It was a great labor! I set my intentions and worked to keep hydrated and moving, and it paid off. Got to the hospital with 7cm and was really surprised because contractions were still not as strong as I expected. A few hours later labor stalled a bit and we decided to rupture the membrane and in half an hour I had the urge to push, one contraction later she just came out! I was sitting on the edge of the bed, they were prepping everything to get the bed in position so I could push on hands and knees but she did not wait. First contraction came… I said I felt the urge to push, 2 seconds after that, another one and I just stood up a bit and put my hand to feel for her head and said someone catch her! And in full force that I had no way of controlling my body just pushed. I cannot explain how my body just took over, I had no control and she was out!!! I cannot thank you enough for your help in all of this. I could hear you say… take another sip of water, you have to move your hips! You can’t quit a contraction!!! And that made early and active labor really easy. And when contractions got really intense and I felt like I was losing control, I had a second of doubt if to call for an epidural and instantly was reminded of what you said, this is just transition she is close!!! So I snapped back in control and everything went smoothly. Thank you so much for your words of inspiration, your training, your posts, your Instagram lives, all this love and information you put out changes things, helps expectant mothers feel in control, powerful and validated. You are incredible! Thank you for the work you do.
Forever thankful”
Dominican Republic
“Hi Krisha, Thanks for checking in. Little boy Mikael was born May 30th at 41+1 wks. 8lbs 12 oz 21”. I was able to deliver without any medications as was my goal. Although I did ask for an epidural but then changed my mind while waiting for the consents! I realized I was much closer to the finish line than I thought. I did most of my laboring at home starting around 9 pm; got to the hospital at 7 am and delivered at 8:20 after 10 minutes of pushing. The train for birth class was super helpful in building my confidence, knowing what to expect, and preparing my body. I don’t think I would have been as successful without all your advice! Postpartum is going well. Much less baby anxiety with second child compared to first!
“Hello..I’m Rinam from India. You might not know me but I have been following you since my third trimester. Haven’t took any class with you but your reels and posts really helped me deliver my girl naturally without epidural on Sept 8th. The exercise reels you post are the best!! Thank you😀 ❤”
“Hi…You are one of my blessings…I’m a silent follower of page…luckily found you during my pregnancy period after 7 months and started following all ur tips birthing baby…Was indeed more useful…It gave me much knowledge on the way to deliver a baby naturally…I trusted my body…The way God has given flexibility to it…Yes it was a normal delivery at 38 weeks…primi…Doctors appreciated me on the was a short labor than I expected…Ur page was much helpful…Grateful that I found urs…”
Love from India ❤
“Hi Krisha! Our sweet baby girl was born in our home just a few weeks ago on August 23! This was our third child and our fastest labor! My previous labors lasted 13 hours, but this one shocked us at only 4 and a half hours! We had taken your Train 4 Birth workshop and I made sure to daily do the exercises as suggested by you! I was diligent in making sure to get baby in optimal position through sitting upright, mainly on my birth ball, and I avoided reclining at all costs! With the collaboration of my amazing and supportive birth team, using the tools from Train 4 Birth, good chiropractic care and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, I was able to cross that labor finish line and hold our sweet baby girl in my arms!”
“Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your content. I’m a mama of 4 (1 c-section 3 VBAC’s) my last baby will be a week old tomorrow. I studied your content so hard the last few weeks of pregnancy to prepare my body for labor, because this one was just so different from my others. She was transverse and when we got her to move head down, she stayed high up. My husband and I both worked together to keep moving before and during labor. He would correct me when I would sit wrong. Labor was shorter this time, all I could think about was to keep moving my hips through contractions and remembered your movements. You are appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
“Hi! I just want to say thank you 😊 thank you for this page, thank you for you ,and your knowledge and positivity! Yesterday I gave birth to my first son naturally and I followed the advice you gave I felt confident with my birth . I have a healthy little boy now! Thank you ! You are truly amazing 🤩”
“Hi – i got my vbac on 8/29 at 39+6. Your page was instrumental in the last 6 days. I walked in L+D at 8cm dilated and requested no epidural VBAC delivery. & I did it. 8.4lb baby girl!!!”
“Hi there Krisha!! I just wanted to say thank you! It was your voice I heard in my head telling me to relax my face, shoulders, and give in to the contractions…Breathe through them. My husband watched your train for birth( for partners) he was so helpful with my contractions. Your videos and words were so helpful and I’m just grateful to have found your page. I was also blessed enough to have a provider that actually supports natural birth all the way. A day ago I gave birth to a healthy 8lbs baby boy and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Thank you! All because of you!! Thank you!!!! It has changed my life!! Seriously you gave me joy in labor!”
“Thank you very much for all the support. My baby boy arrived safe on Sept. 23 at 5:30 pm. I tried to use everything you told us about intuitive hip movement and making space for baby, my husband could recall the very helpful counter pressure techniques which really helped when my TENS didn’t anymore. Because it was an induction my contractions picked up in intensity very fast so I used different types of pain management medication but still it was a truly autonomous and empowering experience. I was very vocal during contractions remembering to keep the vibrations deep to help the cervix dilate. Even in the last phase when the medical staff told me to purple press I insisted to use my voice and by it my breath to guide baby down. After examining me during a contraction in lithotomy position (the only thing I didn’t want) they told my pushing was effective. The last pushes were a lot to handle but with the help of ventouse my baby boy shot out in two pushes.”
“Hello! I wanted to thank you for all of the incredible content you produce. I was induced at 39.0 (unplanned) for high blood pressure and had an incredible birth following so many of your techniques! I actively rested with the peanut ball while the Pitocin did it’s thing, once my water broke naturally my contractions came hard and long and they turned off the Pit. I never left the yoga ball and went from 3cm to complete in 3.5 hours! Only pushed for 32 mins and this is my first baby! My doula had me use a tens unit on my back to distract from the contractions and I was able to deliver naturally! I felt confident and educated from watching so many of your videos and taking your birth rights class. Thank you so much!!!”
“Hi Krisha!!! So blessed to have found you even though I found you kind of late. Your videos have kept me going and helped me all the way through literally until I pushed him out. Thank you so much for everything you do and all of the information you give without asking for anything in return!! From exercises, to positioning, to movement, to breathing and pushing. I just pictured everything I learned from you and it helped me to get my VBAC at 40+5, 18 months after my first, with no tears, minimal pain, and delivered a healthy 9lb 6oz baby boy!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️“
“Hi Krisha, I just want to thank you for all that you do and the amazing training you have developed! My friend recommended your page and train for childbirth class to me as I prepared to have my 2nd baby by VBAC. My first baby was breech and I never went into labor before the c section so I had no idea what labor felt like. I was naturally terrified of labor and a vaginal birth, and I almost opted for the c section just because I knew what to expect from that. I knew from my first childbirth class the technical parts of labor and delivery but that definitely didn’t prepare me mentally or emotionally. I really thought I didn’t need a class because I was going to wing it and either have the vaginal birth or cave out of fear for the surgery. Well, after watching your videos, I felt mentally prepared to handle at least the first parts of labor. I definitely knew I wanted an epidural since I don’t handle pain well, but was hoping I could use your techniques to get me through some contractions without pain meds. My water broke at 2:30am at 39 weeks, and I was so shocked because it happened just the way you said it probably wouldn’t! I got up to pee and gush, and I wasn’t having any contractions. But I knew from your class that I needed to get moving to get contractions going because I was on a clock to deliver. So I got on the ball and I moved around and I did the miles circuit and got labor going. I did go to the hospital too early because my midwife wanted to check the baby, and I was only 1 cm. But I did advocate for myself and I kept moving and I kept sitting on the ball. I walked and swayed through each contraction and stayed out of the bed. Eventually the contractions got unbearable for me and I got the epidural, and I was around 3-4cm. I was progressing so slowly and so many hours had passed, I wanted to just go for the surgery. But I kept your videos in mind and tried to stay in laborland even though I was in the bed now and wasn’t moving to make more progress. I thought the epidural slows progress so I was worried I got it too early and it would stall dilation. Surprisingly, out of nowhere I progressed really quickly to 7cm, then to 10cm within 40 minutes. At this point, I wanted to push and I knew there was no going back. Even with the epidural, I felt all the pressure of contractions and pushing, and I mentally kept your mantras in mind that I can get my baby to the finish line! I only pushed for about 5 minutes and my beautiful daughter was born! I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge and encouraging spirit, because without you I know I would have just caved and had the c section! Solana was born on 8/28 and I am still in awe that I did that!! Thank you for all that you do and inspiring me to have a successful VBAC!”

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