Train for Birth workshop for midwives is an educational, hands on workshop in the biomechanics of the body leading up to and during the natural birth process.

Krisha has been training expecting families with her Train for Birth workshop for 4 years in the DFW area and virtually across the world. Babies started flying out of her private doula client’s vaginas at a much faster pace once she started training them for birth the last month of pregnancy! This led to having monthly local workshops and training virtually across the world.

Midwives will learn why certain exercises, techniques, stretches help expecting moms condition the body and mind for a natural birth experience. You will learn the secrets of why babies are flying out of vaginas in reduced labor hours. Plus learn troubleshooting labor stalls advanced skill set techniques in the biomechanics of the pelvis to progress labor. She plans to have hands on training with expecting mom volunteers 36+ weeks and playing with lots of pelvises to see the biomechanics function.

After this workshop you will know:

*How to assess weakness and tightness in a woman’s body posture during pregnancy by the way they stand, sit and walk.
*How to strengthen the weakness and loosen the tightness with specific exercises and techniques to provide balance to a pregnant body.
*The biomechanics of the pelvis during the birthing process for the inlet, mid and outlet of pelvis.
*How to demonstrate how different exercises and techniques move the pelvis and create space for baby during the birthing process.
*How to predict labor stalls before they happen based on posture throughout pregnancy.
*How to prepare an expecting mom for the birthing process based on her postural tendencies to reduced labor stalls.
*How to use the pelvis biomechanics, postural variations and myofascial chains of the body to prepare an expecting mom for birth and troubleshoot any labor stall that may occur during the birthing process.

About the trainer: Krisha Crosley CD(DONA) She is a certified birth doula, childbirth educator, lactation educator, belly binding specialist, essential oil educator and natural birth trainer. Her advanced skill set certifications/trainings are Spinning Babies, Nick Olow’s Acupressure for Labor, Mamaste Fit Birth Workers Courses and TENS unit. Krisha has had a passion to help others live a happier life and encourage them to accomplish their goals through action and accountability. Being a Division 1 collegiate athlete and earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology has given her life skills to be a leader, coach/train others, encourage others, be punctual, be accountable, use time wisely and learn how to change an unwanted situation to a positive situation quickly.

Space is limited to 10 midwives.

Trainer: Krisha Crosley
Date: TBA
Snacks will be provided.

Refund Policy: Full refunds granted for midwives at a birth during the workshop.