Happy Life

Does mental anguish, stress, anxiety, worry, self doubt and physical ailments in day to day life have you at your wits end? Do you dream of a Happy Life? Are you ready to do something about it? In my younger years of life, I was simply not happy and felt trapped in my own insecurities. I could not make life go how I wanted it to go. I felt like every day was a struggle in finding my true self and my happy life I deserved. One day my love of my life introduced me to Scientology. Scientology is the study of knowledge, knowing how to know.

Simple knowledge I could use to improve myself with basic life skills that quickly led to me being more happy in life. The more I learned and applied these life improvement skills the more happy I became. I have been a Scientologist for over 30 years! I created my own happy life and love every aspect of myself! I like to extend an opportunity to share my secrets of how I created my happy life and for you to observe the data for yourself to help obtain your goal of a happy life.

Think Happy Be Happy Live Happy, Krisha

Conquer Your Fears

Are you ready to conquer your self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety, stress, constant worry and discover the solution on how to rid yourself of these negative thoughts?

Happy Children

Get the tools I used to help my kids to grow up to be loving, helpful and productive. Understand how to create a loving parent/child relationship.

Volunteer Minister work

I am a trained Volunteer Minister with the Church of Scientology. I have helped people change people's lives from a negative, run down, not doing so well situation to a positive, feeling high on life, productive condition. Over the last 30 years I have helped clean up and rebuild from natural disasters in parts of Texas, helped get teenagers off drugs, helped marriages find peace and creation, helped parents have happy children, helped people recover from illness, trauma, loss of a loved one and mental anguish, helped people grow their business to the next level, helped many find Scientology and guide them to total freedom and so much more! Applying these simple techniques to improve one's life is utterly amazing! Truly love to watch people flourish and prosper in life! Your life is what you create it to be! We all need a little help sometimes to get our creative flows moving! Happy to help guide in the direction of creation on any dynamic of your life!